December 14, 2022 | UHPC & Overlays

UHPC & Overlays

In this post, we will discuss the use of Ultra High Performance Concrete (“UHPC”) as a solution to bridge overlays and discuss a project where it was installed using ceEntek’s Next Generation UHPC 2.0TM. I. What is UHPC As described in our previous posts, UHPC is typically recognized as a concrete with a compressive strength UHPC & Overlays

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December 14, 2022 | Emergency Repairing with UHPC

Emergency Repairing with UHPC

As construction workers, we are often pushed up against deadlines. No matter how many workers we have on the site, no matter how detailed the schedule is, we always catch a snag somewhere. Mistakes are inevitable, and even the small ones can put us weeks behind if they are on the critical path. There needs Emergency Repairing with UHPC

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March 23, 2022 | How is UHPC different from Normal Concrete?

How is UHPC different from Normal Concrete?

As outlined in our introduction to UHPC concrete blog, UHPC is a new class of cementitious composite that originated in Europe almost 55 years ago. Some of today’s UHPC implementations reflect the advancement in the science and understanding of cementitious building materials over the last decades. UHPC is the latest evolution in the almost 200 How is UHPC different from Normal Concrete?

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March 23, 2022 | Introduction to UHPC Concrete

Introduction to UHPC Concrete

The history of concrete could be traced back to the times of the Roman Empire, but the history of modern concrete is commonly considered to begin in 1824 when Joseph Aspdin patented a material named “Portland cement”. The current concrete is referred to the material resulting from blending of cement, water, fine aggregates, coarse aggregates Introduction to UHPC Concrete

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