Pre-cast construction encompasses a variety of methods. In broad terms, Pre-cast construction involves producing standardized components of a structure in an offsite factory, then assembling them onsite. Terms such as offsite construction, prefabrication, and modular construction are used interchangeably and cover a range of different approaches and systems. These systems vary depending on the complexity of the elements being brought together. The simplest are single elements that are clipped together using standard connections and interfaces.

ceEntek’s UHPC 2.0TM properties provide the following advantages for Pre-cast solutions:

  • Energy efficient in extreme heat or cold climates – the lightweight insulated sandwich panel walls have a R-30 Value providing low energy requirements for extreme hot or cold weather climates.
  • High Weather Resistance – UHPC 2.0TM has not only high strength but with its fiber reinforced matrix it can with stand extreme weather conditions, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and Tsunami, thereby making it also suitable as an emergency shelter.
  • Toughness –the high toughness of the matrix provide the ability to withstand accidental impacts, terrorism or vandalism.
  • Noncombustible construction UHPC 2.0TM is classified as non-combustible construction and does not contribute to the products of combustion nor emit toxins.
  • Light weight – the unit fully furnished weighs 20 tonnes and can be easily transported via highway or on barge for marine shipping to remote locations. The light weight also reduces the need for very large cranes to set the unit in place.
  • Efficient Construction – UHPC 2.0TM has a very low permeability resulting in the elimination of waterproofing and it is able to precisely replicate the form surface thereby providing an integral Architectural finish with the Structural System and hence eliminating any additional veneers or finishes. The UHPC sandwich panel is the structure and both the inside and outside wall finish.
  • Minimum waste – the manufacturing of UHPC 2.0TM products is executed by casting the fluid UHPC into steel molds. The molds can be re-used thousands of times resulting in no construction waste. Due to the UHPCs inherent properties the service life of the material is hundreds of years.  Even at end of service life the unit can be rehabilitated or up cycled by re-using the wall panels or floor and floors as structural elements, thereby eliminating any of the materials ending up in a landfill.

Pre-cast UHPC Products