Concrete has many advantages over other construction materials like noise and temperature insulation resulting in a living climate only second to wood. However, the inherent weight of concrete and is lack of docility limits its use in architecture structures like facades and building mantles. UHPC is overcoming these limitations due to its superior flexural and tensile properties and ability to come up with light weight, high insulation wall panels and architectural features adding to the aesthetic appeal of the resulting structures.

The unique high strength and ultra-high durability properties of ceEntek’s UHPC 2.0TM allow engineers and architects to design unique solutions that are thinner, lighter, stronger and tougher for both cold and hot climates while allowing a desirable aesthetic finish.

Both internal and external finishes only depend on the UHPC panel mold eliminating the need for stucco or other finishes further decreasing the cost of the complete architectural structure.

The following is a select list of architectural applications highlighting where ceEntek’s UHPC 2.0TM properties provide a strong advantage for traction and growth:

  • Tall slender buildings – UHPC has been used for columns and link-beams in shear walls of high-buildings. The high strength permits more slender columns thereby facilitating higher buildings with improved floor utilization. The use of UHPC link-beams in shear walls and the improved column ductility facilitates an optimized lateral system to resist wind and seismic loadings.
  • Iconic shapes/facades – from the very early days of UHPC development, architects utilized this material to create thin, curved, perforated facades, canopies and trellis, with high aesthetic surface aspect. With the elimination of reinforcing bars, UHPC provides architects with a new freedom of design.
  • Living Buildings – living buildings can have green rooves or walls. UHPC provides a strong, durable but light weigh method to provide the structure to support the living systems.

Architectural UHPC Products