Health, safety, environment, quality


ceEntek is committed to providing all clients with the highest quality products and services, and therefore, will operate and maintain IMS systems in accordance with the ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018.

The HSEQ management system is designed to aid ceEntek wherever practical, to realise its goal of ensuring the highest level of product quality and service is achieved whilst ensuring related costs are minimised.


ceEntek has nominated its representative for ensuring the development and maintenance of the IMS systems and any competency issues.

Responsibility for the operation of the IMS systems is delegated to all employees within ceEntek with managers responsible for the implementation and maintenance of their specific area procedures.

ceEntek recognises the importance of establishing and maintaining its employee’s level of awareness and training with respect to HSEQ issues and is committed to the regular review of the training requirements of all employees in order to ensure high levels of competence in all matters relating to their employment.


It is the policy of ceEntek to review and, where possible, continually improve the quality of our products, services and quality management system to ensure that they meet our customers’ requirements and are fully compliant with all relevant legislative requirements.


Objectives includes the supply of products that are fit for purpose, to expected quality, reliable, delivered on time and are competitive in price.

The achievement of improved quality is recognised by ceEntek to be a mixture of the commitment and leadership of management and the involvement of all personnel.


Whilst it is the overall responsibility of the CEO to ensure that ceEntek’s Quality Policy and expectations are understood, implemented, and maintained throughout the Company, everyone is responsible for complying with Company requirements as laid out in the Quality Manual.

This Quality Policy is communicated and understood within the organisation, and is reviewed frequently for continuing suitability.