This project was one of the first overlay projects for the ceEntek North America team. The project was done in two phases in Fall of 2021 and 2022 and took a total of 143 batches of ce200SF-tTM over of six (6) days of batching. The ceEntek team had to ship extra product to keep the project on schedule since the client requested additional material to be placed as an overlay.

This overlay project was comprised of two bridges each with two road lanes, two shoulders, and small curb ends on each side. The lanes and shoulders were poured and then ran over with an air screed to create a smooth flat surface for vehicles to drive on. The concrete was sprayed with white pigmented curing compound and covered with plastic to cure. Strength was gained rapidly, and construction was able to continue 24 hours after pouring the overlay. The UHPC overlay was grounded and grooved before it was opened to traffic.

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