Since 2010, ceEntek has been producing functionalized carbon nanofibers (CNFs) optimized for high chemical and physical interaction with UHPC2.0TM. This is only possible because ceEntek was able to engineer and produce its own catalyst and use highly specialized reactors for industrial CNF production.

Local Materials

UHPC2.0TM is manufactured globally using the raw materials available locally. This ensures that unnecessary transportation is avoided and is therefore an important factor in the delivery of a sustainable and cost effective product.

Dispersion Technology

Dispersion technology is essential for the efficient use of CNF. ceEntek’s dispersing technology ensures that the nanomaterials are fully incorporated in the cePasteTM in high concentration and with a high degree of separation, allowing 3.3 trillion fibers to be homogeneously distributed in 1 m³ of UHPC2.0TM.

No Silica Fume and no Quartz Flour

To protect workers and the environment, UHPC2.0TM contains no silica fume. This is made possible by using a combination of different nanostructured materials in the cePasteTM without sacrificing the performance of the UHPC2.0TM.


The UHPC2.0TM is adapted to the locally available raw materials by nanoengineering. By using further nanostructured materials, a high-performance UHPC2.0TM can thus be produced worldwide.

Highly Optimized

UHPC2.0TM contains binder (cement and other cementitious materials), finely graded fillers, nanostructured materials, fibers, and other carefully selected components.