World class customer-focused services

Pre-construction Phase

  • Pre-project planning - our engineering and business professionals will ensure you are provided with accurate information on our products and how they can improve the durability and resiliency of your projects in a manner that will help differentiate you from your competitors. Our commitment is that we will always under promise and over deliver.

  • Project planning - from project concepts to project closeout we will assist your team by anticipating your needs and providing the best-in-class guidance to your team.

  • Scheduling - we will provide your team with our anticipated schedules for supply of our products and services. We will proactively communicate with your team on any expected changes to our schedules as soon as we become aware of any foreseeable changes. We will assist your team with developing overall project schedules that are impacted by our products and services.

  • Cost estimating and budgeting - we will provide accurate cost estimates to help you compare UHPC solutions with alternatives. If the use of UHPC is not appropriate for your project, we will tell you to avoid unnecessary wasting of your valuable time.

  • Equipment selection - we will provide guidance on the requirements for capacity, layout, set-up and operating if any specialty equipment required for UHPC.

  • Pre-engineering Design guidance - our engineers will provide the appropriate design standards and assistance with the use of the design standards to minimize the time required to adapt your designs to UHPC.

  • Construction Checklists - we will provide you with checklists that cover pre-project to project close-out, so as to help you understand the critical aspects of using UHPC on your next project.


Construction Phase

  • Pricing / Quotations - we will always clearly state our prices with no hidden costs. We will advise of any areas we see potential for cost overruns and do our very best to anticipate and mitigate any additional costs.

  • Shop Drawings - following the project award we will work with your team to assist with preparation of the shop drawing submittal package. We will provide you with the necessary information on those aspects relative to using UHPC.

  • Training - our site personnel will provide an onsite crew training for your staff on all aspects of using UHPC in your project during construction. From pre-delivery to project close out we will be available to support your team.

  • Safety - before any batching of UHPC we will provide a safety orientation for your team.

  • QA/QC - our engineers and technicians will provide on-site QA/QC during the batching and casting of UHPC.

  • Environmental Guidance - protection of our environment is of significant importance to ceEntek. We will always strictly follow best practices and the environmental regulations. We will provide guidance on protecting the environment from the use of UHPC throughout the project life.

  • Project Closeout - ceEntek will assist our clients with the collection of the necessary UHPC documents to complete the project close out.