Repair works

ce200™- 120G is the ideal Repair concrete or grout for strengthening and protecting against further deterioration. Its superior strength and dense structure eliminate the need for further protective coatings. It is typically used with partial formwork allowing a strength controlled repair of the underlying column or beam. Due to its optimal bonding with existing concrete and/or steel ce200™- 120G builds a non permeable layer eliminating further oxidation and carbonation of the underlying structure.

Precast panels

ce200LH™ is a lightweight/high-strength concrete with the strength of normal concrete at half the density. It replaces normal concrete or composite materials for two and three dimensional precast elements. All other features and benefits are similar to ce200™. ce200LH™ is prepared creating a highly homogeneous micro-foam structure.

UHPC bridge repair

ce200SF™, a UHPFRC has been developed to meet the most stringent requirements for infrastructure applications. Ultrahigh strength, high modulus combined with shortened hydration time make it the ideal product for bridge field cast connections, ‘stitching’, and link slab applications. The unique fresh concrete properties of ce200SF™ allow expeditious casting while guaranteeing optimum joint fill.

Field cast connections / link slabs

ceEntek’s advanced Nano engineered binder and packing optimization produces UHPC with best in class performance, superior rheological properties and extended lifetime. While building codes for the use of UHPC are currently in various stages of development globally, ceEntek follows the “Canadian”, “Swiss”, and “French” code (Euro code) recommendations for UHPC.

UHPC overlays / protective coating

ceEntek’s family of UHPC products provide the ideal solution for protective coating and strengthening of Onshore structures. All products for Onshore applications are based on ceEntek’s proprietary binder technology resulting in sulphur resistant, long lasting solutions. Due to their dense structure and superior bonding to steel and existing concrete these grouts are ideal solutions to prolong the integrity and lifespan of infrastructure assets such as bridges, roads, tunnels, etc.

Building facades / envelopes

ce200™, with or without the addition of fibers is the ideal construction material. It provides ultimate architectural freedom with engineering integrity and durability desired for a high value structure. The fresh concrete properties such as self-leveling and self-setting allow for castings without vibration, creating a smooth and even surface. Furthermore, the lack of chemicals within ceEntek’s UHPC allows for seamless introduction of color pigments to adhere to required design of facades panels.