Who we are

Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

To make ceUHPC™ the material of choice for all high strength and related construction applications on a worldwide basis.

Our Mission:

* Be and be perceived as the technology and market leader for UHPC and related products

* Build a worldwide presence based on value added partnerships throughout all geographies

* Expand technology leadership by further enhancing CNF enhanced UHPC as well as other cementitious products

* Grow beyond typical limits existing in the construction materials industry

Tunnels, bridges, buildings, construction

Company Overview

ceEntek Pte Ltd was started in Singapore in late 2010 to focus on the development of the technologies required for the cost effective production of nano-engineered ultrahigh performance concrete (ceUHPC™). ceEntek employs specialists in the area of carbon nano-material production, dispersion of this material in water, the ultrahigh performance concrete system as well as the application of ceUHPC™. In addition the company has close technical relationships with leading universities and industrial partners in the above fields Worldwide.        


ceEntek is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018

Our Solution

eEntek has developed an advanced ceUHPC™ system eliminating the handling, performance and cost barriers for UHPC preparation, curing and usage. ceEntek’s low cost, low energy, high quality manufacturing process allows the implementation of ceUHPC™ based solutions in a wide range of markets and applications. ceUHPC™ based products and solutions provide 'best in class' solutions for lightweight, high-strength two- and three- dimensional precast units for the building industry as well as coatings and grouts for Marine- , Off-Shore, and Underground construction projects. ceUHPC™ does not only outperform other UHPC systems in terms of physical strength but, shows extremely high resistivity against chemical attacks, carbonation and moisture intrusion. This guarantees an extended useful life of ceUHPC™based solutions under the harshest climate and environmental conditions. 

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