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March 8, 2022 | Technology leadership

Technology leadership

CNF-Production Since 2010, ceEntek has been producing functionalized carbon nanofibers (CNFs) optimized for high chemical and physical interaction with UHPC2.0TM. This is only possible because ceEntek was able to engineer and produce its own catalyst and use highly specialized reactors for industrial CNF production. Local Materials UHPC2.0TM is manufactured globally using the raw materials available Technology leadership

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March 8, 2022 | Nano-Engineered cePaste (Catalyst, CNF, CNF Paste)

Nano-Engineered cePaste (Catalyst, CNF, CNF Paste)

ceEntek Solutions Porous interfacial transition zone between fiber and UHPC Denser Interfacial Transition Zone Between Fiber And ceEntek UHPC 2.0TM The microstructure of concrete plays a critical role in determining its mechanical and durability properties. cePasteTM has been developed to optimize the microstructure of UHPC by promoting a more homogeneous and dense microstructure, resulting in Nano-Engineered cePaste (Catalyst, CNF, CNF Paste)

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March 8, 2022 | UHPC 2.0

UHPC 2.0

ceEntek Pte. Ltd. owns and controls all technologies, critical production and implementation steps for the production and application of UHPC 2.0™. This starts with carbon nano-material formulated to meet the requirements in UHPC and reaches to the on-site use of UHPC 2.0™. ceEntek’s optimized CNF for its UHPC reduces the number of ingredients to just UHPC 2.0

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March 8, 2022 | Revolutionizing & de-carbonizing concrete

Revolutionizing & de-carbonizing concrete

Challenge Concrete is the most produced material in the world and it will be used as a building material in the future. This is due to the rapidly growing urbanization trend, the ever-expanding demand for infrastructure and housing and the corresponding demand for the enormous quantities of materials required to service these trends. Scientists and Revolutionizing & de-carbonizing concrete

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