Grouting for windturbine towers


Increased focus on sustainable energy generation is creating new challenges for cementing and grouting as Wind farms are moving further offshore and individual towers are getting taller.  In addition an aging oil- and gas exploration infrastructure requires repair and strengthening to extend its useful life and limit environmental risks. ce200™-140G meets the requirements for the most challenging applications.  

ce200™-140G is a two phase, non-shrinkage, cementitious grout which when mixed with the Carbon NanoFibers enhanced water produces a homogenous, easily flowable and pumpable grout with superior early (1 day) and final (28 days) strength and modulus without showing any shrinkage throughout the curing process. ceEntek’s advanced Nano engineered binder and packing optimization produces a high-strength grout with ‘best-in-class’ performance, superior rheological properties, and extended lifetime.

e200™-140G UHPC Features and Benefits

• No shrinkage or washout 

• Compressive strength > 140MPa 

• Flexural strength > 20MPa

• Non-Abrasive formulation 

ce200™- 140G Applications

• Wind-tower installations, MP & TP grouting

• Sub-sea repair and stabilization

• Annulus grouting and Void filling

• Grouting under harsh weather conditions