sulfur and microbial protective liner for sewage tunnels


Sewage - and water transport and treatment facilities require a special concrete that not only meets the physical strength requirements but, withstands high levels of sulfuric acid and microbial attacks. Traditional methods combine the use of high performance concrete for physical strength, a layer of calcium aluminate cement to withstand sulfuric acid and an additional HDPE liner protecting the calcium aluminate cement from too rapid deterioration.    

ce200™-120D Features and Benefits

• Withstands sulfuric acid and microbial attacks

• Resistant to cavitation induced abrasion and flow turbulence

• High Modulus and excellent fatigue resistance

• Superior bond to cementitious or steel basis

ce200™- 120D Applications

• Sewage piping, jacking pipes, manholes, vortexes

• Protective lining for sewage tunnels, water treatment facilities and similar