ce200™ is a carbon nano-fibers enhanced ultrahigh performance concrete (ceUHPC™).with unique physical and chemical features and benefits meeting the requirements of the most demanding applications. Due to its low porosity and dense structure ce200™ is impermeable, has negligible chloride penetration and is resistant to most chemicals. Its low carbonation rate, about 10 times less than normal concrete, extends its useful life to 100+ years. ce200™ can be combined with microfibers including steel-, PE-, PVA and mineral fibers to form UHPFRC systems with flexural strength of up to 50MPa.  

ce200™ Features and Benefits

• Easily pumpable, Self-leveling

• Compressive strength > 150MPa 

• Flexural strength > 40MPa

• No bleeding or segregation


• Façade panels, Retainer walls

• Coatings for marine and offshore

• Tunnel linings, Joints

• ‘Stitching’ of bridge segments

• Beams and girders